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Malaga Editor, Ana Oreily

Living in Malaga for over 7 years, my list of the best things to do in Malaga combines some of the most important tourist sites with the favorite places of the villagers that Malaga visitors never see.

Oh, the endless things to do in Malaga! Are you ready for my list of the most interesting, interesting and amazing things to do in Malaga, It’s one of those cities that is really great and you know it. When I first moved to Malaga from a medium-sized city, it was like going into the future. I immediately saw that Malaga is a city like no other. Not just in terms of amenities, but also attitudes.

-- "[The] culture seems simply to be in the air, like a part of the climate"

Keep reading to learn about Malaga that will help you fall in love with the city and can even convince you to stay for a while. You’ll need so much more than the standard weekend in Malaga that so many tourists have, though I’m sure you can do something fun on this list, whether it’s two weeks or just a few hours.

It is a city that will leave a strong impression on you, a place that contains many stories on the surface for you to see, Today, Malaga is a melting pot of serious business, artistic expression, hipsters, amazing parties and of course a lot of things to do!

Honestly, there are so many amazing things to do in Malaga. We’ve done our best to get them all.